2022Year Completed
2Weekly Availability Lists
1Mixtable Spreadsheet
Evergreen Nursery came to us for an e-commerce website with a partially developed Magento website underway. The decision was made to scrap the work completed and move to Shopify.


Dried Bouquet
White Sage


Shopify font
Mobile website design

The responsive design provides a great experience for visitors on mobile devices.


We provided custom Shopify e-commerce website development services that allows Evergreen Nursery to provide continuously updated information about their available perennials. We continue to provide ongoing Shopify maintenance services and support.

  • Custom Shopify theme, based on the Shopify Dawn theme
  • Stylesheet (CSS) development
  • Downloadable weekly price sheets
  • Mixtable setup for easier store management via spreadsheet.
  • Locksmith setup for easier account and user management
  • Shopify training and support