plans include

With QuickLaunch or Custom Website Development
One Time Setup Fee $960
Professional Plus
One Time Setup Fee $2,260
Keyword Research
Website Improvements
Number of Pages or Posts
up to 50 pages or posts
up to 100 pages or posts
Reports and Ongoing Keyword Tracking
We Provide Blog and Social Media Posts
You Provide Blog and Social Media Posts
Basic Keyword Research
WordPress and the Yoast Plugin for SEO
Page Title Optimization
Google My Business and Bing Places
Fast Page Load Speeds
Proper Spelling and Grammar
No Long Term Contract

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Professional Plus

Our SEO projects include the following services.

Keyword Research

We’ll find what keywords are used most for your business type or industry. We’ll gauge the competition and create an assessment of what will be required for you to gain in search rankings for various keywords.

Website Improvements

The one time setup fee includes extensive improvements to your website code, including speed enhancements, mobile device adjustments, page titles and meta tags, and more.

Reports and Ongoing Keyword Tracking

Monthly analysis of how your website is doing for various focus keywords.

WordPress and the Yoast Plugin for SEO

We use the Yoast SEO plugin to provide a great combination with WordPress for ensuring your website is hitting all the SEO marks.

Page Title Optimization

Your page titles are very important to Google and Bing, so we’ll make sure they’re the right length and contain the focus keywords that are used within each page.

Google My Business and Bing Places

We’ll assist you in setting up your local listings if you don’t have them. The listings are free and they’re a key element for people finding your business locally online. It’s a key component of basic SEO and one that is sometimes overlooked.

Fast Page Load Speeds

We’ll make sure your website loads fast. Our websites can often outperform ones that are built with page builders and page speed is a key factor in SEO.

Proper Spelling and Grammar

If you’ve ever read an article online and it seemed like it was stuffed with keywords, or poorly written, you’ve experienced a page that was poorly optimized for SEO. We’ll make sure that your website is written for humans first and search engines second. Anything else can leave a bad impression on your website visitors.

General Website Improvements including:

  • Web page speed optimization including adjustments to your website theme.
  • Setting up Yoast SEO or another SEO plugin.
  • Adjusting page titles and meta data.
  • Re-writing some page content for better keyword usage.
  • Adjusting the structure of your website if necessary and adding redirects.
  • Assistance with your Google Business Profile.
  • Setting up Google Analytics or Clicky for tracking website visits.
  • Optimizing your website for mobile devices.

Blog and Social Media Posts

Professional SEO Service – You provide a monthly blog article focused on your best keywords and we’ll post it to the website. In addition we’ll post the same article to one of your social media accounts.

Professional Plus SEO Service – We’ll write and post one 500 word monthly blog article focused on your best keywords. In addition we’ll create a post for two of your social media accounts based on the blog article and linking to it.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

What separates your SEO services from other SEO providers?

Rather than simply try to make a sale, we’ll provide an honest opinion of the efforts needed to get your website where you want it within search results. For instance, if you want to be on page one for “Atlanta injury attorney” it will take significantly more time and effort than page one results for “Atlanta dog bite attorney”. Almost all keywords that have to do with the legal profession have a lot of competition. If you’re on page three for a legal search term, and you want page one results, it will require significant time and effort.

SEO for other business types can be easier but it all depends on the competition for keywords in your area. We’ll provide an honest opinion on the time and effort required to achieve your results, and we won’t waste your time and take your money by telling you it’s easily achievable if it will take significant time and effort. For some businesses with high competition keyword profiles, it might be best to spend your marketing money in other ways.

Your overall online image should be just as important to you as high search engine rankings. We have never believed—and never will—in tactics that could have any possible negative impact on your business’s brand or online reputation. Each improvement to your website’s search rankings should also strengthen either its content, its usability, or its long-term web visibility, and certainly never detract from it. That’s why each article we write or social media post we make will contain proper grammar and high quality imagery. You’ve probably seen blog or social media posts that gave you a bad impression of the company that posted it. We’ll make sure that each post of yours builds your brand in the mind of the reader.

Our goal is to help you achieve high rankings for your most competitive search terms, and help you stay there.

What’s included in the setup fee?

Keyword research and website improvements.

Keyword research gives us an understanding of what keywords you should be targeting and the amount and degreee of competition for those keywords. We’ll share all of the keyword research with you when this step is complete.

Website improvements include:

— Web page speed optimization including adjustments to your website theme.
— Setting up Yoast SEO or another SEO plugin.
— Adjusting page titles and meta data.
— Re-writing some page content for better keyword usage.
— Adjusting the structure of your website if necessary and adding redirects.
— Assistance with your Google Business Profile.
— Setting up Google Analytics or Clicky for tracking website visits.
— Optimizing your website for mobile devices.

How long will it take before I see better rankings in Google or Bing?

If your website has been online for awhile it will move faster in the rankings than a brand new website on a newly registered domain. A website that has been online for one or two years will typically show improvement in search results within one to two months of optimization. It often takes three to six months to see significant improvement. Search engines need time to crawl, evaluate, and re-index new content, and react to improved website performance.

The speed of your improvement is dependent on all of the websites competing for your target keywords, and the quality of the SEO that your competitors are doing on their websites. If the competition is low your results will be faster.

If you recently bought the domain there’s a chance it already has a history behind it from a previous owner. This can be an effective perk for your new website since Google and Bing see that it has a history.

Do you offer help with Google Adwords or any paid search advertising?

No we don’t. Paid search result advertising, like Google Adwords, require skills that are different from search engine optimization. We only focus on SEO and caution our clients to find only the best and most reputable paid search advertising firms, and never to sign long-term contracts. When each click costs from fifty cents to many dollars you have to have a very targeted plan. In addition there’s a great deal of fraudulent clicks that occur and a whole process of disputing clicks needs to be part of the plan.

How long do search engine results last?

You can expect your search rankings to improve over time, not diminish. However, if the SEO tactics used were “quick fix” solutions your search results might not last as new competition pushes them from page one results. It’s important to choose an SEO provider that you feel will only use solid long-term SEO processes. Quick-fixes by unskilled or unscrupulous providers will damage your search results over time.

Are first page rankings for competitive keywords guaranteed?

No they’re not. Beware of SEO companies that claim to guarantee rankings, as natural search results are computed by algorithms that automatically index sites according to hundreds of different criteria.

Even if everything is being done right on your website, your competition might also be stepping up their SEO game. In the same way that staying on top in your industry requires continuous adjustments and improvements, it takes similar work in the world of SEO; and there are unfortunately no guarantees. Anyone that tells you otherwise is probably trying to make a quick buck from you for as long as you’ll pay them.

That said, in certain industries and certain local areas it can be very easy to get to the top of search engine results. For instance, certain medical specialties where there are only a few local care providers is an example of an easy win. Let us take a look at your needs and make an assessment.

Guaranteed search results exist only through pay per click advertising programs, such as Google Adwords. The disadvantage of pay per click advertising is that once you reach your daily budget or stop your pay per click campaign, your search visibility ceases.

How much does search engine optimization cost?

The amount of work necessary varies from project to project. Multiple factors influence the cost of SEO, including:

— The quality of your competitors’ websites or SEO strategy.
— Your current performance in search results for your most important keywords.
— The number of web pages on your website.
— The age of your website and history of your domain.
— The number of authoritative (highly ranked or important) websites that link to yours.
— The construction of your website and its’ underlying code.
— How fast your web pages load.
— How well your web pages work on mobile devices.

Less competitive industries and small businesses targeting small communities will pay far less than highly competitive businesses in larger markets. Pricing for search engine optimization is charged on a monthly basis as work is done. You should expect to commit to a year of SEO if you want to see long-term results. The cost can be anywhere from $2,300.00 – $5,000.00 and up. Again the total cost for your program is dependent on the competition you face for your target keywords.

Will search engine optimization change how my website looks?

Usually it won’t. However if your website is outdated or doesn’t work well on mobile devices we’ll suggest a redesign as part of your SEO strategy. You simply can’t have a website that isn’t coded well or doesn’t work well on mobile and expect to get good search results. The usability and speed of your website is also important since search engines can test for the quality of each.

If your website is in good shape from a code and design standpoint it won’t require changes to the design. We can quickly assess the state of your website and provide guidance as part of our initial discussion with you.

How does search engine optimization work?

Search engines look at 3 primary factors when trying to understand all of the websites in their index: authority, relevancy, and crawlability.

— Crawlability is the search engine’s ability to access content on a page. If a website has no crawlability issues, then search engine web crawlers can access all of its content easily by following the links between pages.

— Authority is a measure of how reputable your website is in the eyes of Google, Bing and other search engines. A reputable website has been around for awhile and has a number of links pointing to it from other reputable websites.

— Relevancy helps Google and Bing to understand what your website is about, so they can send the right people to your website when they search for services or products that your company provides.

The search engine optimization methods we use are tailored to your website’s current strengths and weaknesses, and the competition for your keywords. The work we do falls into three major categories:

— Website construction. The coding of your website and the content management system behind it.

— Website content. Includes all of the text, images, and media on your website. We’ll make sure it’s highly accessible to search engines and your website visitors.

— Social media. The use of social media to create visibility and increase links to your website.

Why don’t most SEO providers provide pricing on their website?

The pricing of SEO services can be hard to guage because of the complexity and number of unknown factors involved. We show pricing because we offer a set level of service that should work well for most small businesses looking for better local search results. A large or complex SEO campaign would require more extensive research and a custom price quote, even from us.

We have worked with Delwin for almost a decade now and couldn’t be more satisfied. He really helped streamline the process for us for both building and maintaining. He’s also very responsive to requests and updates. I also love the personal touch.

Ray Olson, Jr, President, Ray Olson Family Financial Planning

Delwin has been doing work for my websites for years. He does excellent work and is priced fairly. Delwin is as honest as they come and quick if any issues with our sites. Highly recommend.

John M. Paulin

We’ve used Delwin at Rocquett Websites for years. He has great ideas for how to present our company and our content and an eye for good web design. He hosts our site and provides regular updates for us. We highly recommend Rocquett Websites!

Martha Dennis

Delwin Holeman represents the gold standard for responsive web management! Over our 12-year relationship with Delwin, he has provided guidance, training, advice and efficiency as a partner to our public affairs team and our utility.

Pamela Flasch, Director of Public Affairs at BJWSA

Delwin Holeman has done great work for me (and my wife) on our websites over the years. Very easy to work with. And he also came to my aid a few years ago when my old website (hosted by a different provider) was hacked. Could not be happier with his work.

Paul Hayden (Magnolia Music Press)